The Benefits of

A Fully Integrated Training System

 Benefits of Sports Nutrition Coaching

Whether you are a fitness buff, competitive athlete, or wanting to establish new and healthy habits, nutrition plays a vital role in optimizing your  recovery from exercise and sports performance. It also contributes greatly towards an overall healthy lifestyle and optimal weight management.

Any good nutritional plan should start with a comprehensive assessment of your daily habits and life’s demands, that will help your coach understand the complexities of your life and how best to help you to achieve your defined goals.

Are your activities a little more ambitious? Are you a  cyclist, swimmer, kayaker, distance runner, triathlete, field or court sport athlete, or your basic weekend warrior, or body building competitor? No problem, we get the needs of the self-propelled, human catapult that enjoys pushing their limits.  These people need good nutritional habits more than anyone.

You will appreciate our coaching style that allows you to make your own nutritional choices that complement your fitness training and give your sports performance the boost it deserves!

We know that athletes have special needs due to the demands of their sport and training regimes. Below we will delineate some of these needs so you can appreciate your own needs related to your sport:

In the context of their nutrition, the athlete must consider:

  • Is the athlete’s caloric intake enough to support the extreme energy demands of their training and competition.

  • Paying attention to their immune-system recovery so as they are not likely to miss any games due to illness.

  • Competitive athletes train hard to force positive physiological adaptation. These adaptations can only occur in the right blend of macronutrients and micronutrients.

  • Certain competitive athletes must or desire to maintain their body weight and body fat percentage within a narrow range if they hope to be competitive in their sport. This means training and eating appropriately to achieve and maintain an ideal bodyweight

  • Competitive athletes must prioritize fluid and electrolyte balance. If dehydration sets in, performance is acutely and quickly diminished.

  • Just like everyone else, athletes also benefit from a “habit-based” nutrition strategy and coaching to serve their needs.


Benefits of our Online Nutrition Coaching: 

  • Discover how easy it is to integrate the nutritional habits of the fit and healthy.

  • Work at your own pace as you develop a foundation of behaviours that you will deliver the results and be sustainable for life.

  • No more calorie counting.

  • Understand how your body type processes food and how you can optimize your efforts towards fat loss and performance.

  • Appreciate any food addictions from a clear perspective so that you can begin to un-clench from the behaviors that promote poor health, poor, energy levels, and poor body composition.

  • Work with your own way of eating, and improving that a little more.

  • Enjoy boundless energy and be one of those lean and fit people.

  • Work towards fitting into your desired size for your clothes.

  • You will discover how to have positive associations with food as opposed to negative ones.

  • We will help you understand your behaviours related to the decisions and choices you make in your life regarding food and drink.

  • We will assess your current level of nutrition and recommend how you can improve your nutrition practice in small, permanent measures at a time.

  • If you are a self-proclaimed athlete with some weight to lose? We take into consideration the demands of your sport (i.e. soccer, swimming, ultimate frisbee, or triathlon) and ensure that you are supporting your metabolic, training and recovery needs.

  • Re-evaluations will be held every 2 weeks to monitor your progress and see where changes need to be made to your plan.

An interdisciplinary approach combining fitness, nutrition and sports therapy (where required) will go a long way to ensuring good physical and mental well-being. This approach along with the right nutrition program is crucial if you want to improve your sports performance, fitness levels, and maintain your physique’s shape for life.

Benefits of Personal Training:

Utilizing a certified personal trainer will allow you to

  • learn proper form

  • challenge yourself and push you past comfort zones

  • learn workout splits

  • become familiar with gym floors and body part specific training

  • progress at a faster rate

How often should you meet with a personal trainer?

That really depends on the client and experience level. Many of our clients choose to train on their own with the protocols our Power F.I.T. coaches provide while other clients meet with one of our in house elite personal trainers 1-5 days a week.

Choosing to train on your own and utilizing our remote coaching service

Our Power F.I.T. coaches will design a training protocol that meets your needs. While gathering information about your history, experience, goals and current physical abilities gathered at our initial assessment, our coaches will build out a training program with video illustrations so you can follow along the program no matter where you live or train at!