Group Classes

We offer a wide variety of group training classes to meet everyones interests at no additional charge.

We know our members and keep the “Personal” in our Small Group Personal Training/Classes by staying hands-on and informed about each individual client’s needs and goals. Our instructors can make adjustments during any session to movements/exercises due to an individual’s limitations or fitness level. It’s important to us that our clients progress and achieve their goals in a fun and non-competitive environment that fosters a sense of community.


Acro Yoga

Combines strength, balance, flexibility, focus, and cooperation

Booty Camp

Targets lower body incorporating weights, bands and plyometrics

World Danz

A mixture of different dance-based movements and styles from all over the world. This scintillating class is guaranteed to have you moving and grooving for one intense, fun-filled hour



A cleansing of body, mind, and spirit. Sweat away toxins, let go of your mind, and let your spirit flow.


High energy, fun and popular! Get ready to sweat, laugh and get a killer full body work out


An intense cardio workout for all fitness levels. Certified instructors will lead you through a range of cycling challenges, allowing you to control your own resistance and speed, as you burn calories and stretch your fitness and endurance


Power HIIT

High intensity muscle specific interval training using weights, kettle bells, bikes and various equipment for a full body workout


Super Cardiovascular workout! Using muscle bands, exercise balls and taught by expert instructors, our three step classes target all components of fitness in multiple ways and are an essential part of any dedicated workout regimen.

Cardio Kickboxing

A high-impact non-contact cardio kickboxing class, it incorporates all the basics of kickboxing, mixed together with cardio interval training .



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