“Out of all the gyms I've tried, from Crunch, to 24 Hour, to In-Shape, none has been as satisfying and fulfilling as Santa Cruz Power Fitness. I absolutely love the atmosphere in the gym. Step inside, look around, and you'll instantly feel a sense of drive and intensity emitting from gym floor. It's doesn't just feel like a place to simply "get fit"; it's a space for honing in on your goals, embracing challenge, and most of all, encouragement. This place is churning out superheroes!
In terms of equipment and amenities, there's a huge selection of dumbbells and cardio machines. There's a room for classes like yoga and other fitness classes. Furthermore, they have four squat racks. Yes, that wasn't a typo, FOUR fully functionally squat racks.
The staff is friendly and very helpful. The trainers are knowledgeable and approachable. Monday through Friday I wake up excited to hit the gym floor and push myself. Joining Santa Cruz Power Fitness has been one of the best investments I've made.”



“Excellent gym! Friendly staff, great equipment. Basically just a bunch of people trying to better themselves! I'm back and forth between Santa Cruz and the Bay Area and the staff here were more than welcoming and helpful to my needs. If your serious about working out or just starting out, I highly recommend this gym.”



“My coworkers and I were on a business trip from SoCal. We had an awesome experience at this gym! If I lived in the area this would for sure be my home gym. There is a nutrition shop conveniently in the gym for all your supplement needs. They have a variety of supplements and gym clothing to choose from. 
The parts of the gym have been recently renovated, the vibes are very good, but my favorite thing about this gym is the sense of community. The staff is very friendly, makes an effort to know people's names, and is very helpful. I would highly recommend this gym to anyone who is interested.”